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Animal attractions in Preston

Child riding on a donkey at Smithy Farm, Preston

Visit an array of amazing animal parks and farms.

Animal lovers are in for a treat when it comes to Preston's animal attractions. From the multi award winning Bee Centre, fascinating flying display at Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary and an interactive and educational like no other at Wild Discovery to wild boar spotting in beautiful rural Lancashire surroundings, there's plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

Bowland Wild Boar Park

Spot wild boars, feed animals and explore the beautiful countryside...

Smithy Farm Animal Park

See alpacas, goats, Shetland ponies and more...

The Bee Centre

A buzzing experience and multi award winning attraction...

Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey

Witness the awesome flight of falcons, owls and more...

Wild Discovery

An interactive and educational visit like no other...