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Preston Guild Link Charity

Preston Guild Link has been set up to support arts and sport projects, driven by the Preston Guild 2012, and to leave a valuable legacy for 2032 and future Guilds.

The charity has its own board of Trustees, who are entirely independent of Preston City Council. However, the Trustees are grateful for the Council's valuable support.

If you would like to give a charitable donation please send your donation to:

The Rectory, Ribblesdale Place, Preston, PR1 3NA.

Please help us support present and future generations of Prestonians by keeping Preston Guild alive through projects instigated by and for the benefit of the people of Preston.

The charity's objectives

  • To promote, maintain, improve, develop and advance public education by encouragement of the arts and sport, including (but not limited to) music, opera, dance, singing, dancing, literature and the arts.
  • Holding of festivals, events and activities promoting culture, ideas and creativity.
  • The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities, equipment and assistance for playing sports and recreational activities in association with the 2012 and subsequent Preston Guilds, for the benefit of the People of Preston.

Questions and answers

Where will the money come from?

The Charity has been set up to give the people of Preston, or Prestonians wherever they are, the opportunity to donate towards helping the Charity support projects driven by the 2012 and future Preston Guilds.

You could hold a fundraising event or take part in a sponsored event. Or, why not leave a legacy to the people of Preston by leaving a gift in your will?

Don't forget Gift Aid. If you are a tax payer your gift could be worth an extra 25% without it costing you anything!

Where will my money go?

As mentioned earlier, Preston Guild Link has its own Board of Trustees, totally independent of any other body, who will make the decisions about which projects receive support. Any monies donated will be held in a secure bank account and monies can only be paid out with the agreement of the Board. If funds warrant it, an investment policy will be introduced to make the most of the funds being held.

How will it work?

Community driven events will be considered to support the 2012 Guild as funds allow and the means for applying for a grant will be made public in due course.

It is anticipated that regular activities will take place between 2012 and the next Guild in an effort to maintain and build interest in Preston Guild projects. It is hoped that a fund will be built that community groups will be able to apply to for support.

Once applications are invited, any group wanting to receive a grant from the Charity will need to apply in the format prescribed at that time. All applications will be considered, on their merits, by the Board of Trustees and grants given accordingly to those who are successful.

How do I apply?

As information is available, all possible means of communication will be used, from local media, to the page linked to the Preston City Council web-site and social networking sites. Every effort will be made to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the latest news with regards to the charity.

What about the future Guilds?

Preston Guild Link, as the name suggests, is here for the long term with the intention of having the resources to help future generations benefit from the Guilds to come. Trustees will be particularly interested in those applications that can demonstrate future sustainability.
It is about building a resource that will be of benefit to community groups of Preston in years to come. Therefore, no matter what the financial situation is at the time, there will be somewhere that people can go to in order to help their work in the community in those special Guild years. They are every 20 years and yet, seem to come around with remarkable speed!

(ref charity no. 1146447)