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Mental Health Mates Walk and Talks

Website:Mental Health Mates
Contact:07980 095422


Mental Health Mates is a network of peer support groups, run by people with mental health issues, who regularly meet at weekends for a "walk and talk". These walk and talks provide you with a safe place for you to talk about your problems without fear or judgement whilst enjoying a stroll together or a cup of tea or coffee.

How to join

To join one of the Mental Health Mates' walk and talks just come along on the specified day and time. It is recommended you let the walk leader know if you are planning to attend by emailing them using the address above.

For details of upcoming walks in Preston visit Mental Health Mates - Walks or Facebook - Mental Health Mates Preston.

Or use the Mental Health Mates general email: hello@mentalhealthmates.co.uk

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