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Street Art Murals in Preston

When thinking of street art in urban spaces, you're more than likely to conjure up images of Banksy and London. However, in recent years, Preston has started to emerge as a hotspot for impressive large scale street art murals with many reflecting the city's history and heritage.

Just a few years ago, there were no public murals in the city. Today, the street art scene has grown so much that the current number has reached double figures and Preston is now making its mark as a desirable destination for those seeking out striking mural masterpieces.

Where to find them 

To find out about Preston's most impressive street art murals and where they're located visit:

Street Art Cities - Preston

Preston City Mural Tour

If you're looking for a self guided tour of the artwork, the following 1.2km mural trail takes in 6 of the 12 amazing street art murals in the heart of the city:

Street Art Cities - Preston City Mural Tour

As well as admiring the artwork, the route includes a number of interesting areas for you to explore along the way. From the eclectic assortment of independent retailers and cafes pocketed down Cannon Street to the recently developed Friargate - where you'll find a vibrant mix of shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Preston's street art murals

Betsy Leigh

Location - 1 Bray Street, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2RP
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Betsy Leigh mural

The Cunning Craftsman

Location - 92 Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1DD
Artist - The Cunning Craftsman

The cunning craftsman

Rose in the Yellow Dress

Location - 79 Friargate, Preston, PR1 2ED
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Rose in the yellow dress mural


Location -140 Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BU
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Mother mural

Mile 0/21 - 2021

Location - Boltons Court, Preston, PR1 3TY
Artist - Tea One

Mile 0/21 - 2021 mural


Location - 23 Cannon Street, Preston, PR1 3NR
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Reasm mural


Location - Adelphi Hotel, 43 Fylde Rd, Preston, PR1 7DP
Artist - Hazard One

Flowers mural

Dockland Mural

Location - Loom Loft, Trident Retail Park, Port Way, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2YQ
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Dockland mural

Proud Prestonian

Location - North Road, Preston
Artist - Reasm

Proud Prestonian mural

Slingers Ironmongers

Location - Ribble Saw Mill, Paley Road, Preston, PR1 8LT
Artist - Reasm (Instagram - reasm_one)

Slingers Ironmongers mural

Ribble Steam Railway- 2021

Location - Chain Caul Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, PR2 2PD
Artist - Tea One

Ribble Steam Railway- 2021 mural

Links in the Chain are of Equal Strength - 2022

Location - Market Square, Preston, PR1 2PP
Artist - Tea One

Links in the chain are of equal strength- 2022 mural

Image credits: Reasm

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Map addresses for Street Art Murals