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Preston Guild City

About Preston

Looking up at the architecture of the Harris Museum.

Proud Preston...

There’s a rich history to Preston and it’s one we can all take pride in. We’re talking about the heart of Lancashire, and not just geographically, it goes far deeper than that...

With nearly 1,000 years of history behind it, the city has a unique charm and bags of character. Filled with fine architecture, fantastic parklands, and a rich sporting heritage, there are plenty inspirational stories to discover and reasons to visit. And, lets not forget that famous friendly Northern welcome.

While there’s a more in-depth explanation to the origins of the ‘PP’ symbol on the city’s coat of arms, there’s good reason to feel justified in settling with a more modern meaning of ‘Proud Preston’. We're not just talking about a city dwelling on its past achievements, there are many modern developments to be proud of too, and creativity and positive thinking remain key.

For an area that proved such an integral player in driving the Industrial Revolution, Preston remains at the forefront of UK business growth to this day with its thriving economy.