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Preston Guild City

St Walburge’s Church

View looking up towards St Walburge's spire.

An iconic Preston landmark brimming with history...

If you're looking for things to do in Preston with an historical focus, St Walburge's Roman Catholic Church certainly ticks that box. The stunning Grade I listed church is a must see for any visitor to the city, just a short stroll from the city centre.

Marvel at the church's French Gothic style exterior and venture inside to discover the many vibrant and ornate stained glass windows. St Walburge's medieval-style hall boasts high ceilings, with hammer beams and painted statues, as well as a stunning altar with many adornments.

Tallest spire in the UK

Few people visiting Preston will be able to ignore St Walburge's grand spire standing proud above the city. At a towering 309 ft, it is the tallest of any parish church in England.

This spectacular spire is also the third tallest in the UK, giving you breathtaking views over the city.

Guided weekend heritage tours

St Walburge's Church host weekly heritage tours every Saturday. The engaging tours allow you to admire the church's grand interior as well as learn all about its compelling history. If you're lucky, you may even be able to scale the spire and enjoy some spectacular views over Lancashire.

For more details see St Walburge's Church Guided Tours.

Map address for St Walburge's Church

Church of St Walburge, Weston Street, Preston, PR2 2QE.