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Preston Guild City


This website has been tested by disabled users using a wide range of assistive technologies and we have made efforts to make the website as accessible as possible for everyone to use.

Navigating around the website

This site has been built for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and above. We have included fixes for IE7. If you are using an older version than IE7 you may experience problems and should look at upgrading your browser to a newer version.

Skip to content

We have a ‘skip to content’ link at the top of the page which will skip navigation links and other elements to arrive at the main content. This is available when you start to tab through the website pages.

Access keys

You can use the following short cut keys to help you navigate around the site.
S - Skip to Content
0 - Accessibility
1 - Home page
2 - Skip to navigation
3 - Sitemap
4 - Search
5 - Skip to base
9 - Contact us

Using access keys

For information on how to use access keys see the Wikipedia page on Access in different browsers.

Reading the website

We aim to make our website as easy to read as possible and follow the Plain English principles.

Non html documents

We aim to provide content in html format where possible. Where we have to use PDF documents the document will be:

  • tagged
  • bookmarked
  • Language set to English UK
  • Have the page tab order set


We will sometimes add videos to the website to support the website text. When we add videos we will provide captions so that you can read what people are saying as it happens. We have also provided more accessible buttons that allow you to control the video by using tab alone.


We also use embed Flickr sets onto some of our pages. To access these from the keyboard please use the following instructions:

  • tab onto the feature (shown by a yellow highlight)
  • Press the space bar to access the first photo, and use the left/right arrows to navigate back and forth
  • Press enter to start the automated slideshow, and use the left/right arrows to move forwards and backwards through the photos (if left for a few seconds the slideshow will continue as normal)
  • When finished you can then tab out of this feature


We sometimes embed third party applications such as Google Maps and YouTube videos on our pages. We have made efforts to make these as accessible as possible but some screen reader or keyboard only users may have difficulties accessing them. We will try to provide text alternatives for this content or at the very least a link back to the provider’s website.

We value your feedback

While we strive to ensure our website adheres to the current web accessibility standards, we value feedback from real web users.

Do you have a disability that affects the way you use the web? For example, do you use assistive technologies such as a screen-reader? Do you find this site easy to use? Is there anything we could do to improve accessibility?

Contact us at to tell us what you think.