Open Call for Northern Artists • Visit Preston
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Preston Guild City

Outside the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Share your reet good talent...

Are you sick of Northern stereotypes? Would you like to prove there's more to the North than just pies and thick accents? Then this exhibition is an opportunity for you, as a Northern artist, to prove there's plenty talent up here.

The Harris are looking for artists based in the North to apply to be part of their upcoming exhibition "More T'North" by submitting their artwork. They are looking for 8-12 artists to feature, with no specific subject matter in mind.

The exhibition is being presented by the Harris Young Producers; a group of creatives aged 18-25 that meet weekly in the Harris to programme their own exhibitions and events. Their "More T'North" exhibition will be a contemporary showcasing of rich Northern talent, taking place from February to June 2020.

More T'North aims to go beyond stereotypes and expectations of the North by bringing together a fresh collection of modern works which contrast against the historical settings of the Harris.

How to get involved

You can apply to be featured in this exhibition by visiting The Harris - Open Call: More T'North and following the application instructions.

The apply you must:

  • Be based in the North
  • Be aged 18+
  • Be an emerging artist (in the first 10 years of your artistic career)
  • Submit current work made in the last three years

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 7 January 2020 at 12pm.